treatment of duct mites and allergens

Mattress Cleaning

Dust Mites belong to the arachnid (spider) family and are microscopic. Male dust mites live for up to 30 days, females live for up to 2 months. Dust mites lay up to 100 eggs per month and prefer living in dark places with high levels of humidity.

Your mattress collects human dander (dandruff) and dead skin which dust mites feed upon. After ingesting this material, the mites then defecate, which over time builds up in the mattress.

A harmful and unpleasant allergen, mite faecal matter has been proven to have a severe impact on both health and quality of sleep.

Symptoms for allergic reactions caused by dust mites can range from asthma, rhinitis, hay-fever, itching, head-aches, fatigue, rashes, eczema and in some cases even depression. According to the American Lung Association, approximately 50% to 80% of asthma and hay-fever cases are triggered by an adverse reaction to dust mites and dust mite faecal matter.

Our Treatment Of Your Mattress

  1. A survey to establish the type of mattress you have and the best way to clean hygienically clean it
  2. The mattress is thoroughly vacuumed using industrial-strength machines to remove loose dirt and dust particles
  3. A micro-splitter spray treatment is applied to loosen the dirt
  4. The mattress is cleaned with a high-quality fabric shampoo and agitated with a horse hair brush or sponge
  5. An antibacterial spray sanitiser and deodoriser is applied
  6. Finally we use a hot water extraction treatment with minimum moisture, allowing your mattress to dry quickly and leaving it clean, hygienic and fresh
  7. The mattress is left on supporting blocks to allow air circulation for quick drying

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Please note that removal of all stains in a matteress cannot be guaranteed.