upholstery cleaning in glasgow scotland

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Glasgow

Fabric sofas can get heavy useage and show dirt easily and quickly. Keeping upholstered furniture clean will greatly prolong the life of the fabric, enabling you to enjoy your investment for many years to come.

iClean’s professional and highly tranied technicians are experts at selecting the correct upholstery cleaning system for all fabric types and for different levels of soiling. Our service ensures the removal of soiling and staining whilst never risking any damage to your upholstery or your furniture in general. We often successfully clean upholstery fabric that some other cleaning companies would not attempt.

Our upholstery technician will use specially formulated hi-tech products and dedicated equipment to deliver the very best results possible. From the initial vacuuming through to choosing the correct and most suitable wet or dry cleaning system for your soft furnishings, our cleaning procedure will leave your fabrics clean and fresh as well as pH balanced to prevent premature re-soiling and wear.

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